Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Dog is Pissed

and other reasons I've been gone for a month

Sam, our 11 year old mutt, has a little behavior problem. When she's upset with us she pees on our bed. I know. It's nice. It started about six or seven months ago. I called the vet and they said they thought it was behavioral. She was randomly peeing on my husband's side of the bed.

About a month ago my husband built himself a platform bed. Yeah, I'm going to blog about this soon, I'm sure. So now my husband sleeps in a bed above me and I have the king all to myself and can I tell you? It's so freaking awesome. More on the whys of this later.

So right after he moved into his new bed she peed on his blankets when he left them on the floor (why are his blankets on the floor instead of his bed? I wish I knew). We think she was mad at him for not being in a place where she could sleep with him.

My mom visited for eight days. She spent the first seven nights at a hotel, but the last night she slept at our house (and I was out of town -- yeah, my husband was mad). Well, my dog was so worn out, as were the rest of us, by my mom's visit she peed on the bed my mom was sleeping in WHILE MY MOM WAS IN THE BED. No kidding. That's how freaked out, nervous and worn out this family is when my mom visits.

Last Saturday we packed up the kids and went to the beach for spring break. We got home Thursday, picked up the dogs from the kennel, and Sam has peed twice on our beds. Yes, we are ready to kill her.

Today I'm trying to catch up on laundry -- which includes all the bedding.

I opened my Reader today and there were 1000+ posts in it. 1,000. I'm a little behind. Of course I cleared it out and am starting over with reading.

It's been crazy busy. Plus it's spring in middle Georgia and honestly it's kind of mesmerizing. You just want to be outside and you kind of walk around in a haze, taking it all in.

My six year old turned seven, my mom visited, I had a girls trip to Atlanta for the quilting Shop Hop, I spent six days at the beach with my family and played seven or eight games of mini-golf.

I have lots to post about -- my husbands new bed (did I mention it's awesome?) the wisteria, my son's obsession with mini-golf, my reaching the end of the rope with my kitchen (I think) Facebook (OK every blogger ends up blogging about FB eventually).

I've missed writing, I've missed reading. I've missed all of you.


The Gossamer Woman said...

and on top of that, the dog is very pissed.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

You have been missed as well! Welcome back.

I have to admit - I'm really intrigued by this bed thing... What does it look like??

Sorry about the dog's behavior...Maybe she needs puppy meds. Prozac saved my life so I'm all for medicating. People, pets, plants...whatever gets you through the day you know.

Jennifer H said...

You know I think the idea of that bed is awesome. Short of separate rooms, that is.

AnastasiaSpeaks said...

We missed you too!!!

Ducky said...

Glad you're back!

flutter said...

missed you

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You're very patient about the dog thing.

Welcome back.

Anna See said...

welcome back. i'm glad your blog readers have welcomed you back in a different manner than the dog did.


texasholly said...

OMG. You are way nicer than me. I seriously would have pulled out the shot gun by live in the South - you have a shot gun don't you? I am kidding. Not really.

The bed...can't wait to hear how and why.

Mango Girl said...

I had a cat that would only pee on my husband, while he was sleeping. I finally got rid of the husband ~ the cat was smarter than me when it came to picking men.

I am curious about the platform bed reason...

Louise said...

So are you going to have the dog bronzed when she dies? (For peeing on your mom's bed while she was in it.) I don't even know if that was appropriate, but I know she stresses you out, so I laughed.

I'm DYING to know about the joys of the platform bed.

But please, don't miss Spring. Soon it will be hotter-than-hell summer, and Spring will be gone. Immerse yourself in it!

I think I'm going to blog about Facebook one day. It won't be kind.