Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm trying veganism. Stop freaking out.

Yes. Yes I am being vegan.

Did you know vodka is vegan? See, it's not so bad.

People do kind of freak out and think it's radical, that I can't get enough protein, calcium or vitamins. No, I don't have all the stats on how much protein or calcium I need, but I'm going to figure it out here in the next week or two.

Here's what happened. I read Skinny Bitch. I love this book. They tell you how it is and take away any excuses not to take care of yourself.
Yes, I pretty much skipped the chapters on the slaughtering of animals 'cuz I was already pretty much vegetarian and I figured I didn't need the extra convincing.

Because I was pretty much raised a vegetarian I never learned to cook meat. I always thought veganism was way to strict, out there, weird and just pointless for me to try. But I packed on 10 pounds this year and honestly I can't do another diet or count another calorie and I felt like crap.

So a week and a half ago I stayed up until 1:00 a.m. reading Skinny Bitch and the next morning I got up and tossed the coffee and all the dairy stuff that was just mine and just went for it.

I gave up caffeine, animal products of any kind, partially (or totally) hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup.

It's been about a week and a half. About a week into it I had a chicken salad with ranch dressing and a piece of cheese cake and got a really rocking headache and felt sick all night and couldnt' sleep.

I also made the best chocolate meringue pie EVER this last weekend and had two slices.

So I'm not going to go religious vegan. I promise. Or preachy vegan. Or self-righteous vegan. Trust me. Growing up in the environment I did I am quite familiar with those people. Maybe I'm only going to go temporary vegan, I don't know.

I know this. I feel really really good. My energy has shot through the roof, I don't get sluggish around 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon. I'm sleeping really good.

For my family I'm eliminating high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.

Also I am not hungry ever. I'm eating whenever I want. And I've lost two pounds. And I feel like I am doing something that is the right thing for me and it feels good.


52 Faces said...

Wow. This is like the opposite diet of mine.

I have an insulin/glucose issue that requires me to eat inordinate amounts of protein, which sucks because I LOVE vegetarian food. But my body only feels better when there's animal meat in it.

Hugo Cabret! Did you tell your son it was a graphic novel? Did he disbelieve?

Anna See said...

Wow. Way cool. I've been feeling like crap and gave up diet sodas today. It's a start. The cheese thing would ROCK our world over here, since that's all we eat.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Feeling good is where it is at.

Jen on the Edge said...

I've read "Skinny Bitch" and can understand your excitement.

I also recommend Michael Pollan's new book and other books about eating "real foods."

I refuse to buy anything with high fructose corn syrup and have cut way back on processed foods. If my kids want cookies, we make them, not buy them. It takes more time, but at least we're spending time together as a family in the kitchen, plus homemade cookies are way better.

Good luck!

furiousBall said...

so that means you can only eat the corn part of the corndog right?

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I really wish I could do that...it's a much healthier lifestyle. My brother's vegan and a fantastic cook - maybe if I had that talent?

I never read Skinny Bitch, but I have their cookbook. I highly recommend the Pad Thai. Even my ardent carnivore husband loves it. I don't recommend the their version of mac n' cheese. Gag.

I actually bought the cookbook because it looked funny. Here is the line from the intro that sold me: "What is better than eating? (If you 'sex' you're either a liar or a pervert.)" and then the last line: "We hope you'll love these recipes as much as we do. If you don't, go have sex, you pervert." Hilarious.

Karen said...

I find it to be fun, cooking vegan. I've become much more adventurous with my baking especially (vegan banana cake with vegan buttercream icing anyone?)--it livens things up. Enjoy yourself!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good for you! I admire your determination--something like this would force me to eat healthier. And it would probably be good for me to cut back on sugar.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I'm curious to hear how it goes, as time goes on. I've fiddled with veganism before, but I struggle with anemia & so, it got tricky.

Keep us updated.

Elisa said...

I think that as long as your diet is high in nutritious food and low in vegan junk foods and frankenfoods, you'll be fine. Proud of you for doing it right!

the mama bird diaries said...

That sounds awesome. I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

People freaked when I allowed my 8-year-old daughter to go vegetarian. She used to talk to the dead, cooked meat on her dinner plate. She cried over it, apologizing for its demise. Her vegetarianism lasted for one successful year. For various reasons she's eating meat again. Good thing. We're living on a hobby farm and there is a lot of death.

Grit said...

good luck, and i hope it's a tasty, mind-opening experience! i shall check out that book too.

i used to be vegan and i found the world opened up in terms of what foods i could eat. i became much more interested in spices, herbs, new combinations, and discovered delicious tastes i'd never had before; really, i became interested in food and cooking, and felt i had wasted a lot of years eating boring or indifferent food.

it sadly came to an end when i fell in love with a CHEESE EATER. one of us had to compromise. and he had big assets to offer along with his cheese pie. now we have mixed vegetable children who eat parmesan. it's an interesting world.

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jules said...

I mean, as long as you can have vodka. I actually read that book and tossed it when they told me I would be fat forever if I ate cheese. They were too judgemental and closed minded for me, but good luck with it. Sounds like its working out really well for you so far!

Anonymous said...

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