Friday, January 8, 2010

Poem Thursday on a Friday

It's either a couple of poems or I tell you that I'm going vegan.....

Both of these are by Jeremy Voigt. The first appeared today on The Writer's Almanac .

One Night

The car crossed two lanes of traffic
and a grass median before plowing
head-on into me, killing my wife,
unborn child, and myself. Before
I died I touched the shoulder
of a policeman, felt the sure strength
of his muscles, heard the only word
he spoke, "Jesus," and I smiled
because I stopped believing in him
long ago. He mistook my smile
for something positive and not listless
irony, and I tried to correct him,
but my throat stopped. Red lights.
Blue lights. Star's gases. I walked home.
My wife wandered off into a river
to give birth. I began calling my friends:
"We are all dead," I said into the phone.
I let them cry or exalt in turn, taking
note. I didn't know it would be this
simple. I slipped into a midnight robe,
poked holes in a black sheet, tore
into a loaf of bread. Wandered off
yeast-heavy neither rising nor falling.

Table of Contents

This is my web page poem.
It is under construction.
It is complete.
It is in HTML.
It is in English.
It is translatable.
It is laughable.
It needs prodding.
It needs you to press:

Place your needs before it. It is searchable.

It is 3D.
It is full of hyperlinks to everyone I've ever known.
It needs your touch.
It has frames.
It is framed.

Keywords: world, love, bananas, paper, Elohim, emergence, search, Fishing, earth, diver, death, Godiva, ephiany, white, moon, horse.

It is your friend.
It will tell your story.
I loves you.
It loves your enemy.
It will show you the world.
It is your hometown.
It loves Bruce Springsteen, and Elvis.
It does not tire.
It will process your form all night.
It will save your soul.
It will kick your ass.

Press here for the Italian version.
Press here to speak to Gibran.
Press here to search your life.
Press here to see the final shot
of the last moment this star gave light
while the rest of earth believes it's alive for years.

Press here for the woman of your dreams.
Press here for a new shirt.
Press here to speak to the dead.
Press here to be a millionaire.
Press here for a pulse.

It is the end of your life.
It is the beginning.
It is the first and last paragraph.
It is the vowel you love best.
It is all alphabets.
It is eternity.
It is this moment and the next and the next and the last.

Bookmark me.
I'll make your life beautiful.


furiousBall said...

dat wuz nice :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That second poem was awesome.
Vegan? Really?

V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios said...

I like these, the way they transcend worlds, perceptions, realities. The suggestion that we are always in a state of becoming...

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I really like the second one

Karen said...

Really cool poems...vegan? I sometimes flirt with veganism, but so far, we've not committed to a long term relationship.

Texasholly said...

Vegan? Vegan? Vegan?

JCK said...

The first one was very tough for me to read. The second one clever.

Hello, dear Madge. I am reading backwards. Sending hugs & Happy New Year! Late...

Unknown said...

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